Liquid Metal Gel - Silver

$ 19.95

It will be a whimsical pigment liquid metal series with a unique metallic shine.

* Thick coating will cause curing failure. Make it as thin and uniform as possible.
* It may not harden if you apply entire nail surfaces as one color. It is recommended for art.
* There is a difference in viscosity depending on the color.
* This product is not a cosmetic product. Do not use it for direct contact with the skin.
* If you are allergic to metal, we recommend that you refrain from using it.
* There is a difference in color between the image and the actual color development.
The material contains metal powder.
* If you leave a little time before curing, you can achieve the metallic looking more. 

Stir well before use.
LED Curing Time: 30 sec.
Need to be covered with top gel.

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