LUXIO DOLCE VITA COLLECTION 15ml Full Size x 6 Colors (Pre-Order)

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This is a Pre-Order item: Please note that pre-order items and any orders containing Pre-Order items will be put on hold until it becomes available. Should you need other items immediately please order them separately as we do not split orders.

Available to ship out on 08/01/22

This Collection includes Bravado, Rosso, Azzurro, Cypress, Dolce, & Truffle / Full Size 15ml x 6 colors 

Indulgent shades that are inspired by a life in the pursuit of all things luxurious, filled with pleasure and exuding beauty. A life "La Dolce Vita" as the Italians know it.

*Note for Full Size Set: If individual colors are out of stock, shipping will be delaying... if you like to avoid that happened, please check individual colors availability first. 


Both LED and UV light curable; recommended to cure with Akzentz Hybrid LED Lamp for the best cure.

Curing time : LED Lamp - 30sec/UV Lamp (36W) - 120sec

Size: 15ml

Made in Canada. Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.

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