Elevate Your Skills with GELLIPOP®!

GELLIPOP® is where innovation meets artistry! We are excited to introduce our online course designed to elevate your skills in the realm of nail enhancements. Whether you're a professional or a beauty school student, our comprehensive Online Gel-X Course training program is crafted to enhance your expertise and creativity.

Online Gel-X Course

Embrace the convenience of learning from the comfort of your space with our online course. Our expert instructors will guide you through the intricacies of Gel-X Extensions, covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Unleash your artistic potential and master the art of creating stunning nail enhancements that leave a lasting impression.

Apres Gel-X Classes

Dive into the world of Apres Gel-X, where precision and style converge. Our specialized classes cater to individuals seeking to refine their skills in Apres gel application. Please note that this course is not an official Apres or Kokoist certification program, but a unique opportunity for licensed professionals or beauty school students to augment their expertise.

Most Popular Demanded Salon Services

●       Gel-X Extension

Experience the magic of Gel-X Extensions – one of the most sought-after salon services in the beauty industry. Learn the techniques to create flawless and durable extensions that offer clients a stylish and long-lasting nail solution. Elevate your salon services and set yourself apart with the expertise gained from our online course.

●       Seasonal Simple Art Designs

Stay ahead of trends by mastering seasonal nail art designs. Our course includes a segment dedicated to the latest and most popular art trends. From festive designs to minimalist chic, discover the secrets to creating captivating nail art that captivates your clients' imaginations.

Note: This class is not an Apres or Kokoist official certification program and has limited seating. It is exclusively for licensed professionals or currently enrolled Beauty School students. The class fee is non-refundable.

Elevate your skills, unlock your creativity, and become a master in Gel-X Extensions with GELLIPOP®. Enroll in our Apres Gel-X classes today and take a significant step toward transforming your career. For inquiries or to secure your spot, contact us now.

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