$ 11.95

*For use with Classic UV Gels (not necessary with Pro-Formance Gel Line) 

Apply like polish onto natural nails or new growth let sit 60 seconds. It will leave a tacky surface. Also serves as a Line Out to hide any tiny spots you may have missed filing. Pair with MAP primer pen for maximum adhesion on moist nails with lifting issues. Do not to get onto skin or cuticles.

*Use on the edge of the natural nail to help prevent free edge separation on gel manicures 

*Apply a layer over your chrome powders to promote better adhesion!

Question: AFFIXIT, what makes it bond if it is not an acid base?

Our acid free Affixit is formulated with Isopropylidenediphenyl Bisoxyhydroxypropyl
Methacrylate (refer to 100%) which has hydroxyl groups that promotes adhesion to protein structures including fingernails.

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