Gel Nail Artist 100 Hours Class

$ 3,975


This is the class to learn about Gel Systems from basic to advanced technic.

*Professional licenses not required.

*Flexible time scheduling within one year to complete 100 hours at GELLIPOP®

*Perfect class for just graduated beauty school students, licensed professionals who wants to learn all about gel systems or gel nail enthusiasms want to be pro in future!


Includes: Options Certification, LUXIO Certification, Erica's ATA Dry Manicure 101 Certification.

Hard Gel & Soft Gel regular application & Sculpturing, Tip Overlay, Gel Art, 3D Gel Art, E-File technic, Salon Style practicum with models

Kit: Akzentz Hybrid Lamp, LUXIO-Base, Gloss, Build, LUXIO Colors, Options-Crystal Clear, Opti-Bond, Sculpturing White, Options Colors, Pro-Formqnce Trinity, Kokoist-Gelip, Nail Glue, Soak Off, Prep & Wipes, Lucascide, Wipes, Cotton Band, Files, Buffer, Pusher, Nipper, Tip Nipper, Spatula, Art Powder, Cuticle Oil, Orangewood Sticks, Gel Brushes, Nail Brush, Products Informations & Certificates (more than $1100 values)

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