Color Collection Plus

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Multi-Flex Gel offers long-lasting strength and superior flexibility, making it the ideal base option. Soaking-able and capable of achieving full opacity, Luminary's Gel Base allows professionals to provide clients with beautiful, time-saving manicures. And by going longer between appointments, you can charge more for your service while simultaneously boosting your appointment book. The Gel Base can be used alone or with color and will wear for weeks to months without lifting or chipping.

Save some money when you purchase all 15 colors together!
This collection of gels includes 1 of each of the following in a 10ml polish bottle, plus Empower No-Wipe Top Coat, Empower Matte Top Coat, and Commit Primer.

Peace, Growth, Faith, Love, Hope, Balance, Drive, Harmony, Grace,
Aspire, Serenity, Absence, Presence, Clarity, & Imagine

This product is intended for professionals only. All sales are final.


  • Luminary Systems Multi-Flex Gels Are Meant For Professionals And Should Be Used On A Regular/Consistent Basis. 
  • Keep Your Products Stored In A Dark Cabinet When Not In Use. 
  • Optimal Storage Temperature Is Between 65-75 Degrees And That Temp Should Be Kept Consistent And Without Much Fluctuation.
  • With The Above Conditions Met Your Multi-Flex Gels Should Last Close To 9 Months From The Time Of Purchase Not From The Time They Are Opened

*Discount Codes Do Not Apply*

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