Down Under Planet Magnet U-02 Star Desert 2.5g Jar

$ 13.50

Our Down Under Planet Magnet contains magnets in the gels and the names of the gels are inspired by the solar system. Enjoy the 5D effect by visualizing the universe with its soft glittery white particles. 

This Planet Magnet series has a soft texture with transparency. You can apply as is to keep it transparent, or apply a base color. The possibilities are endless! Depending on how thick the gel has been applied, the glitter effect will differ. The 5D magnet creates three-dimensional art designs to get the trendy crushed velvet look.

Magnet Gel

Curing Time: LED : 30s /  UV: 60s

Pot Size: 2.5g 

**KOKOIST 5D Gel Magnet sold separately**

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