Nail Labo

Foil Flakes Aurora

$ 3.95

Add some glam to your fingertips using this foil flakes by simply tapping it on with a tapping style brush. Try using it with various base colors for different effects. These work for both antique and futuristic designs.

Ways to use

Apply base -> apply color -> apply standard top gel -> apply aurora flakes -> apply non-wipe or standard top gel to finish


  • Take a bit of the flakes and apply it to the nail with a tapping motion.

  • When applying the final non-wipe or standard top gel to finish, wipe the brush after each application or take out some gel from the container and place in a separate dish or palette to prevent the flakes from mixing with the top gel.

  • If you mistakenly apply the flakes to the incorrect area, wipe with nail cleanser or alcohol wipe.

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