Line Film

$ 12.95

Ultra thin lm for gel nail art

BLC for Cordè “Line Film” is used without wiping tacky layer and sanding.
These ultra thin Line Film is made of gel. They won't lift, can be applied cleanly all the way to the edge, and works well even with uncured nails.
Experience its durability and usability today.

How to use:

1. Base ~ Apply and cure your favorite color gel.

2. *Without wiping, place the Line Film on your nail.

3. Adjust and apply the design using a tool such as tweezers.

4. Cure again using a nail curing lamp.

5. Repeat step 2-5 if you apply more than one coat.

6. When finish applying, finish with a top coat to seal it off.

* This product uses uncured gel-polish as adhesive. 
If a color gel does not contain enough uncured gel polish, place the Line Film after applying a clear gel.

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