LUXIO VOYAGE COLLECTION 15m Full Size x 6 Colors

$ 96.95 $ 107.70

We are happy to announce the New Luxio Voyage Collection 2020.

This Collection includes: Lustful, Glimpse, Jaded, Instinct, Persuasion, & Virtue.

*Note for Full Size Set: If individual colors are out of stock, shipping will be delaying... if you like to avoid that happened, please check individual colors availability first. 


Both LED and UV light curable; recommended to cure with Akzentz Hybrid LED Lamp for the best cure.

Curing time : LED Lamp - 30sec/UV Lamp (36W) - 120sec

Size: 15g

Made in Canada. Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.

  • Enter promo code "LUXIO36" to receive a 10% discount on orders of 36-71 bottles mix and match.

  • Enter promo code "LUXIO72" to receive a 15% discount on orders of 72-149 bottles.

  • Enter promo code "LUXIO150" to receive a 25% discount on orders of 150 bottles.

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