NTB-01 Berry Base

$ 16.50

Welcome to your new obsession: Kokoist x Nail Thoughts Tinted Base Coats. 

The Tinted Base gels are semi hard gel formula, they can be soaked off, but still add a level of strength to the nails.

Cure in LED for 30-60 seconds.

These base coats are exactly what they sound like. A base gel, mixed with a tint of a neutral color. These save you so much time in the salon for those clients who love a simple subtle color. All you have to do is apply this base coat to a cleansed natural nail, and cure in LED for 30-60 seconds. You can add whatever color or design on top or just add a top coat right on top for a perfect subtle nail.

These tinted base coats are a soft gel, but with a little added strength to them. A very unique formula that is not as soft as Mega Stick base, but not as hard as Platinum Bond Duo. Think of this as the perfect middle ground to add flexibility and strength to your clients nails. This collection soaks off.

*Tip from Nail Thoughts: I always build a little apex with my base coats on my client’s nails. I highly recommend you do the same with these base coats!

Berry base is a cooler mauve toned tint. This looks exceptionally well on your clients with cooler skin undertones. Use this as a neutral base as a solid color, for the background of your abstract designs, or even just as your average base coat to prep for a full coat coverage of another color! I dare you to layer other sheer colors on top of this to see all the beautiful custom colors you can create. *nudge nudge…like Overcast..nudge ;) *


10g / 0.34 fl oz

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